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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: How To Impress Each Sign On A First Date


On a first date, Aries aren’t really concerned with diving DEEP into getting to know you right away–they just want to live in the moment. If you want to impress an Aries, don’t shy away from their playful banter or debates. Even if the topics are pointless, Aries have strong opinions and love to share them. If you can prove that you can hold your own and challenge them, then you got them. 


On a first date, a Taurus will want to get to know you and see if who you are….. matches up with who you appear to be. Impressing them doesn’t take a show stopping date. Organizing a low-key date–such as a coffee shop or dinner and drink somewhere–will impress them, especially if you let them pick the location. Don’t try to force any interactions either. 


To impress a Gemini, prove that you have done your research. Try to find out their hobbies and some of their interests ahead of time and ask them questions. They appreciate when someone genuinely cares about what they have to say.  However, you don’t have to let them do all of the talking. They’re curious people who love learning things and they’ll be intrigued if you have interesting topics to discuss with them.


To impress a Cancer on a first date, the main thing to keep in mind is thoughtfulness. Given their intuition and sensitive nature, even small mistakes can really affect the date. Cancers are searching for authenticity, not someone going out of their way to show off. Keep things simple, such as cooking a dinner or taking them out to a place they already love.


It isn’t the easiest thing to impress a Leo on a first date–but it’s not impossible. Leos want to have the best possible time, and they want you to be on their level. So, dress to impress, match their excitement, and don’t be afraid to ask them about their accomplishments.


In order to impress a Virgo on a first date, be prepared that’s the main thing. Virgos are excellent planners and fiercely believe in the details. What you have to do, is plan the date around them, and take care of every detail. Book the tickets, provide the transportation, and have backup options in case something comes up. Allow them to see that you’re a person who can take care of yourself and them.


Don’t hesitate the pull out all the stops on the first date. Libras don’t require the spotlight on them but they do want to feel special and appreciated. The way you dress, where you take them, and how much effort you put into conversations will be a direct reflection on how you feel about them. So trying to downplay your interest will backfire with a Libra. 


Impressing a Scorpio on a first date is all about patience. They can tell if someone is trying to speed things up just so you can jump into bed with them. Also, they might not want to talk about themselves very much, so respect their privacy. Take your time having genuine conversations and show that you’re truly interested in them.


Sagittarius want you to be yourself, they’ll know if you’re trying to be someone else. To impress a Sagittarius on a date, prove you can go with the flow in situations– and don’t let a change in plans derail the whole evening. Be honest with them, and don’t be afraid to engage in spirited conversations. Don’t kill their fire.


If your goal is to impress a Capricorn on a first date, you have to let them know you have your act together–but don’t show off. Capricorns appreciate people who work hard, don’t play games, and aren’t afraid of structure. Give them options for the date, but let them make the final call. And know that they don’t really like people who brag about themselves, so tread lightly.


Impressing an Aquarius on a first date only requires one thing: and that’s originality. You don’t have to pick the weirdest date for them to have a good time, but if you suggest the same old routine of dinner and movie, an Aquarius might be out of you.  The main thing Aquarians cares about is getting to know you and seeing what makes you different from everyone else.


To impress a Pisces, you’ll need to embrace your vulnerable side. They don’t want to waste their time with someone that’s insincere. They prefer to dive right into the emotions. If you’re not comfortable expressing your feelings so quickly, that’s fine–but you need to let them know that up front. If you’re more of an open book, then don’t hold back with a Pisces.