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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: How to guess someones sign


This sign has a tendency to talk all over you when you’re having a conversation. They have very strong opinions and can be extremely blunt. Also, Aries are focused on their career and ambitions, so of they talk to you about that, you can pretty much guess they're an Aries.


Taurus tend to be very quiet at first but once they’re comfortable around you, they’ll be a lot more talkative. They also focus a lot on their five senses. So if they're constantly like, do you smell that? Or feel this, it feels super soft. You’re most likely talking to a Taurus.

Gemini - Gemini’s are very talkative and playful. Even if they don’t know you very well, they’ll act like they’ve known you for years. They also have a lot of facial expressions and are always moving from one place to another. They literally hate doing the same thing every day. So if you notice someone that can’t stay still, there’s a good chance they're a Gemini.

Cancer - They tend to worry a lot and they can be very sensitive. They’re mainly focused on their home and family, so they act pretty shy around people. However, Cancer is the most nurturing sign out there. So if you find yourself needing help or some sort of comfort, a Cancer will run to help you right away.

Leo - They’re without a doubt, the life of the party who likes attention. They’re super outgoing but can be a little hard headed sometimes. If you meet someone who smiles a lot and hates negativity, it's probably a Leo. They’re very uncomfortable when someone is unhappy and they make it their job to fix it.


The way you can tell someone is a Virgo, is by noticing if they’re talking about the details. Things nobody would really notice. They can be hyper critical and a perfectionist with a plan. They’re also very opinionated and hands are always in motion when they talk. Virgos probably think they can do everything better and annoyingly enough, they can. 


This sign needs harmony. They're definitely the person in the room trying to make sure everyone is getting along and bringing everyone together. Libras are charming and cooperative. They love to be social and they love to debate. They’re also able to see the two sides of a story, even though they’re unable to pick a side themselves. Thats how you can tell if you’re kicking it with a Libra.

Scorpio - Scorpios have a strong sexual energy. They come off super mysterious and deep. They also love to observe and investigate. So if you notice someone in the back of the room just watching everyone mingle and kinda stays away, it’s probably a scorpio. They definitely notice more than they let on.

Sagittarius - This is the adventurous sign for sure. If you know someone that travels a lot, they’re most likely a Sag. They also have zero filter and they’re huge skeptics. To them, seeing is believing. So if there’s a person to address the elephant in the room, its definitely a Sag. 

Capricorn - If you meet someone who’s always working on something and works really hard, its probably a Capricorn. Especially if all they talk about is work, to the point that gets so annoying. They’re also all about following the rules.

Aquarius - They’re the humanitarian and are always thinking of the big picture. Aquarians are the ones that want to change the game, they want to make things bigger and better. They’re also not the biggest fans of people and their super independent. If you meet someone who can do everything on their own and wants to, then that’s for sure an Aquarius.


If you meet someone who’s extremely creative and intuitive it’s most likely a Pisces. Especially if you notice them not being able to commit to something or stick to a plan. Also, their head is kinda always in the clouds and they tend to doodle on things without noticing or they stare out into the deep. They’re also either sleepy or look like they are.