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HOROSCOPE SIGN:To Best Nourish Yourself, According to AntiDiet Nutritionist


Relationship with food: should be about Resilience

How to eat: It's important for you to eat for energy. You should want you to feel supported on all your adventures. That might mean focusing on fiber or protein in every meal to keep you powered up throughout the day. Stay away from pleasure foods like sweets or chips or greasy foods.


Relationship with food: has to be all about Pleasure

How to eat: You need to have delightful eating experiences—in terms of the ambiance, smell, and even the plating of the food—that can bring you more joy than the food itself. Your sign is all about the senses. That’s why, you should prioritize fancy reservations, or maybe taking your time setting up a beautiful meal at home.


Relationship with food: should be Adaptable

How to eat: Your sign is flexible and playful. So your nutritional practice should be too. Rigid diet rules just don’t fly for a Gemini. 

If you find that your taste changes with your mood, then it's best to lean into that: Instead of meal-prepping, maybe you go to the market every day and just pick whatever looks good.


Relationship with food: should be about Comfort

How to eat: You should feel safe and secure in your eating environment. Taking steps to calm any crazy thoughts or stressors before eating, and surrounding yourself with loved ones at a meal might help you digest more easily. Or literally getting to know which foods feel good in your body and which ones make you uncomfortable, let that guide you.


Relationship with food: should be all about love

How to eat: You enjoy celebrations and gatherings. You most likely find joy in bringing people together, sharing food, and being a little extra with your food, too—whether that means literally going for fancy meals or setting up the table in a special way.


Relationship with food: should be about following your gut feeling

How to eat: Nutrition is probably a big deal to you, in some way, shape, or form. Because of your analytical nature, you might find that when you focus on food, things become all about numbers.Virgos have a tendency to get stuck on tracking what they eat, or tracking calories and macros. 

But this doesn't tend to be therapeutic for you. Getting back in touch with food, requires trusting yourself—not an app or a diet.


Relationship with food: should be about Balance

How to eat: From an eating standpoint, that means focus on balancing your blood-sugar levels, so bring in foods rich in whole grains or healthy fats. Just make sure there’s a balance on your plate for every single meal. It’s okay for you to mentally label foods as good or bad, that will help you return to a balanced diet.


Relationship with food: should be all about Transformation

How to eat: With Scorpios, the focus is helping the body transform food into energy. So, your nutritional plan might prioritize fermented foods, rich in probiotics, along with fiber-packed prebiotic foods to get things moving. Just be careful to not to over do it. Scorpios might be attracted to intense 'detox' diets, but that's can also leave you not feeling well.


Relationship with food: should be all about Exploration

How to eat: As the adventurous sign, you need to approach food with a free spirit. Exploration from a nutritional perspective can literally mean exploring foods that you're not familiar with. And it could also mean experimenting with foods that have different effects on your nervous system. Go for soothing foods when you feel anxious or energizing foods when you're feeling sluggish.


Relationship with food: should be about nutrition

How to eat: It’s all about the long haul for this sign and following the rules. That means prioritizing nutrient-dense, protein-rich foods that'll really help you go the distance. Like bone-building foods for ex: nuts, salmon, and leafy vegetables are bound to make you feel your best.


Relationship with food: should be all about self determination

How to eat: Aquarians are not the sign to go by the books. So when it comes to food, be your own expert and your own authority. Also, when you sit down to eat a meal, try to turn off or tune out any surrounding noise.

Aquarians can be very sensitive to electricity, energy, and technology, which can interfere with their ability to enjoy an eating experience.


Relationship with food: should be about Freedom

How to eat: You might feel the need to expand beyond constraints and boundaries defined by others. Try giving yourself unconditional freedom to eat whatever you want to eat, and see how that changes your relationship with food.