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Aries (Tuesday)

Tuesday gives you a sense of resolution and the ability to carry out a task to its final and successful completion. This is a good day to commit to new adventures, complete a project, or have a difficult conversation that allows you to speak your truth.

Taurus (Friday)

Friday is a day about celebration, that makes most people rejoice in its presence. Therefore, that’s an excellent day for this sign to throw a party, plan an extravagant meal, or find the perfect new outfit you’ve been searching for.

Gemini (Wednesday)

Wednesdays make your communication skills pretty powerful and that’s because its the middle of the week. This is a great day to catch up with people in your world and plan any traveling for the future.

Cancer (Monday)

Monday’s a day that sees little celebration, but not for you. That day heightens your senses and its an excellent day to work on your upcoming schedule, do something creative, or invest your time and money into something new.

Leo (Sunday)

This is a day that seems to be bursting with energy and gratitude for life. The influence of Sunday’s energy helps Leos towards self-expression. This is a fabulous day to do something with self-care, something adventurous, or some activity that puts your personality in the center of the light.

Virgo (Wednesday)

That day helps you manifests more grounded and work-oriented things. The energy from Wednesday(humpday) is stable, responsible and social.

So try focusing on communication, physical work, exercise, or going over legal paperwork.

Libra (Friday)

Your energy and mental health tend to be better on that day. Friday is a day of love and celebration, and you’ll experience intense balance and clarity. It’s also the perfect day for creating or decorating.

Scorpio (Tuesday)

Tuesdays possess a quality of accomplishment. Scorpios, who do not lack in determination, will find that this is an excellent day to complete any task. Organizing, communication, innovation, and project-oriented tasks will benefit from this energy.

Sagittarius (Thursday)

You’ll find that Thursdays encourage your personal growth. This is a great day for Sagittarians to capitalize on a business deal, any traveling for business, or money from work.

Capricorn (Saturday)

Now Saturdays are usually for relaxing and even being lazy. But for Capricorns, this is the day to get things done and do it successfully. This is an excellent day for Capricorns to finish a project, do physical work, or balance a little bit of both.

Aquarius (Saturday)

Saturday’s promote luck and success for Aquarians, that day helps with your thoughts and innovation. Try creating new ideas, coming up with new inventions, or keeping up with a previous commitment.

Pisces (Thursday)

Pisces are usually pretty chill and dreamy. Thursdays provide you the energy to take action on things. This day encourages feelings of self-confidence and connection to internal wisdom. It’s a fabulous day to turn dreams into reality and a great day to write a song.