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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: What You Should Do On 420

1. Aries

As one of the most dominant signs, take this day to finally CHILL OUT! Relax, have a 420 picnic, and just be mellow. You’re always on the go and you work so hard. Today is the day to be on the same pace as the world. Don’t feel like you’re being lazy and falling behind, one day to slow down won’t hurt you. Today’s that day okay! 

2. Taurus

You love indulging in things, so today on 420, enjoy everything you like! Eat what you want to eat, watch what you want to watch. Maybe, think about making some edibles, that you can share with your friends! This is a day to let all your handwork pay off. Treat yourself with all the goodies.

3. Gemini

420 is the best day for this sign because It’s time to try something crazy. Do what you’ve always wanted to. As an innovator and curious mind, you sometimes have to hold back so people don’t think you’re crazy but not today. Get out there and be a trendsetter! Thats what you're encouraged to do on 420.

4. Cancer

This 420 you can’t get too in your head. You’re encouraged to go out to the park and do some art outside, especially drawing or painting. Better yet, use your whole body – you could even paint yourself! Spend this day being artistically productive and that’s gonna give you a high like nothing else.

5. Leo

Here’s what you should do this 420, really lean into shining that bright light of yours – you’re encouraged to go do some karaoke! As a performer, you should spend your 420 evening enjoying the center stage! Most days you have to hold back because you know you can’t always make it about yourself but not today. Go be in the spotlight.

6. Virgo

Time to put your hosting pants on, because this is what you should do on 420 –you should have a 420 party! As a perfectionist, you’re just about the perfect person to host something today. You can control what music is played, which munchies to provide, and maybe a little bit of weed (with all the info about the strands of course because you love those details).

7. Libra

This 420, you should have a crazy night out! Go out with your friends and see where the night takes you! Go to a cool bar or event tonight. Or if you can find yourself in the hot tub (watching a tv show, eating snacks) that would definitely be the 420 move for you!

8. Scorpio

Celebrating 420 for a scorpio, can get super intense really quick, so this 420 you should take it easy. Have a lot of intimate time with your significant other or hook up buddy, eat a lot of snacks and stay in. Thats how 420, is really suppose to be celebrated anyway.

9. Sagittarius

For the people that have the best sense of humor, here’s what sags should do this 420 – go to an improv or comedy show! Look and see if there are any small stand up shows going on in your hometown, and if not, watch a classic stoner movie, one that you haven’t seen before to finish off your day!

10. Capricorn

For all you hardworking capricorns out there, here’s what you should do this 420! Take the day off to enjoy some sort of spa treatment – or at the very least, some sort of self care. Light candles, take a bath, do face masks, and just pamper yourself!

11. Aquarius

This 420, here’s what you should do: give yourself a little bit of mental pampering – you’re encouraged to head over to an art gallery! Really lean into different art, to try and escape and see if the art speaks to you. Try to find inspirations from admiring someone else’s work today.

12. Pisces

Here’s what you should do on 420, take the day to connect with yourself. Go on a hike, or even just a walk, and feel yourself outside in nature. If it’s warm enough, maybe go for a swim! Its gonna help you, really enjoy your day to the fullest and will almost give you like a reset feeling.