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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Who’s Most Likely To Apologize (RANKED)


You’re naturally intuitive and very in tune with emotions. You’re empathetic and great at reflecting on things, making you good at realizing and recognizing your mistakes. Now, if you’re aware that you hurt a loved one, it kills you on the inside to not apologize. Now before apologizing, make sure to take the time to process the emotions surrounding your actions. Dong that might be necessary for you to apologize sincerely.


Being all about peace and harmony, you hate it when your loved one is hurt and upset with you. And if you can do anything to make it better, you will. When it comes to your people, you act mature and you have no problem choosing them over your ego. You apologize and choose to be the bigger person. But, you should know that it's not always completely your responsibility to make things right. You might also feel the need to give the person you've hurt a gift—perhaps, home-baked cookies or a special dinner out.


You’re all about self-restraint and composure. When Capricorns realize they messed up, they’ll calmly have a conversation with their loved one. They’ll take full responsibility of their actions and not just apologize but make sure it doesn’t happen again. Capricorns might approach an apology in the same way they'd approach a business contract. You want to understand all the details and you want to know, in clear terms, what you can do to make things right. That also means your apology might come with a promise.


You for sure believe in karma and the importance of goodness. If you feel like you’ve wronged a loved one, you make sure to apologize. But you’re not really a sentimental type of person. Instead of apologizing you’d rather make a person laugh and cheer them up. It’s not that you’re uncomfortable when it comes to apologizing, it’s just that you prefer lightheartedness whenever things get heavy. But you always make sure to let the other person know you’re sorry.


You're a communicator all around, and that tracks in how you tend to apologize, too. Before you say, sorry, Geminis want to talk things out to understand the whole story of what happened, what went wrong, and how they can fix things. That means apologizing might take you some time, but in the end, your biggest goal is for everyone to get full clarity on the situation and to be able to move forward without any lingering resentments.


Virgos have the highest standards for everything they do, and apologizing is like putting a spotlight on the ways they’ve failed. It's challenging enough for them to forgive themselves for their own mistakes. Virgos feel enough shame, and an apology would only make them feel worse. If Virgo apologized, it would make them feel like they didn't know what they were doing. Now, once you've identified a fault, you're bound to take full responsibility for it. After all, Virgo is all about self-improvement.

7. LEO

For you actions speak louder than words. Leos often apologize through a grand or romantic gesture or by showing extra affection. That only happens though, after you've had the space to process the situation on your own, you have to drop your pride, and attempt to see it from the other person's perspective—which could take some time.


Apologizing makes Pisces feel as if they're bad people or are just terrible at almost everything. It's not that they don't feel sorry or think another person doesn't deserve an apology, its just hard for a Pisces to accept the fact that they’ve hurt someone. The best line of defense for Pisces is to do nothing and hope it resolves itself without anyone getting hurt, especially themselves. Now, if they do apologize, it might be a really long one apology and tears might be involved.


You might be inclined to choose the defensive approach at first, rather than apologizing upfront. However, when you do come to terms with the consequences of your actions, you’re most likely to apologize in a way that's short, sweet, and to the point. You’re also bound to move on quickly, because Aries aren't prone to holding onto any grudges.


Scorpios are much more sensitive than they like to let on, and apologizing makes them feel too exposed and weak. They don't want anyone to take advantage of them when they’re vulnerable. You’re most likely to write a letter or send an email before having a conversation with someone. However, once you're ready to offer an apology, you won't be afraid to go deep into the emotions.


Aquarians are too proud to apologize because it makes them feel "less than," and the last thing they want is for their ego to take a hit. Aquarians can be unaware of their faults, and by apologizing, they'd be recognizing they made a mistake and they don’t like doing that. They prefer to detach from the situation until emotions have cooled down and everybody can talk things over in a business-like way. The best-case scenario for an Aquarius is when a situation is handled without any apology.


When you're as stubborn as a Taurus, it’s really hard to admit to your mistakes. To apologize, Taurus would have to not only recognize that they made a mistake, but take ownership of it, and that's just not an option for them. Apologizing feels too much like a loss of power and this sign obsesses over their strength. Most of the time, they feel like it's the other person's responsibility to apologize.