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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: How Possessive Are You

#12 Sagittarius

If you try to make a Sagittarius in your life jealous, you’ll soon realize that it doesn’t work. Now, Sagittarians can love you and be all yours but if you can’t give them the love they deserve, they’re not ones to beg for it. Any relationship that only works on being possessive just complicates things for them and they’d rather not deal with it.

#11 Pisces

Pisces aren’t really possessive over anyone or anything. This sign usually has a good balance of their possessiveness, however, whenever their partner wants them to be a little jealous, they do what they can to make sure their partner feels loved and wanted. 

#10 Aquarius

You’re prone to be kinda carefree. You live with the idea that whatever happens, happens for good. However, the bad side of this tendency, is that too much of a carefree attitude could sometimes encourage your partner to be more like you. When in reality, you prefer to be with someone that’s at least a little possessive.

#9 Libra

Libras being all about balanced in life, they tend to give you the space you deserve. To be specific, Libra don’t try to stop you if you have an eye for someone else, they would happily let you go, because they know that there’s no point of chasing someone who isn’t interested in them anymore.

#8 Capricorn

Capricorns are more possessive about their belongings. They work half their life to have the best things and they definitely fear losing them. They have those same feelings when it comes to love but Capricorns don’t reveal their possessive side in their relationships.

#7 Gemini

Geminis find themselves between being possessive and trying to maintain their independence. The twin sign is very prone to double thoughts. They tend to ask many questions, which could sometimes irritate the other person. However, Geminis are also very understanding and if you simply cuddle them and talk to them about their concerns, that will keep a Gemini from being too possessive.

#6 Cancer

Cancers are very sensitive human beings, which is something that automatically makes them possessive about relationships. As a Cancer, you usually get overprotective about the humans in your life, which leads to you overthinking and that can drain your peace of mind. In a nutshell, unlike any other sign, being possessive brings physical issues for a Cancer, so be mindful of that.

#5 Leo

A Leo is someone who would announce their love affair (their relationship) to the world, just so no one tries to fool around with them. You want the world to know who belongs to you and who you belong to. However, that can sometimes lead your partner to think that you don’t trust them with being loyal.

#4 Taurus

Taurus could have easily taken the first spot when it comes to being the most possessive sign but what keeps them from that, is their attitude-fluctuation. A Taurus usually develops a great understanding of any person they meet. So if they trust you with their life, they wont be so judgy, possessive or controlling. However, if you have a history that makes you kinda sus, a Taurus could get territorial.

#3 Aries

Aries have a tendency to act like they don’t care but in reality that’s just a front. Like everyone else, when Aries is in love, they worry about their partner liking someone else’s Instagram picture, who the person they were talking to was, or why their clothes smell different. Aries need all your attention and if you don’t give them that, watch out.

#2 Virgo 

Virgos can get very cryptic when they’re possessive about something or someone. They would scout their moves and even the slightest of suspicion has them investing in overthinking. Virgos usually have a tendency to think less of themselves, which makes them believe the other person is trying to find someone else.

#1 Scorpio 

Once you’ve gained the trust of a Scorpio and you’re in a relationship with them, that’s when things start to get intense. You can expect a Scorpio to do everything to keep their person around and that includes being extra possessive and crazy. They won’t hesitate to use arguments to show you their controlling side.