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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Best Gift For Mothers Day


Aries moms are all about memories and want memories that last forever. They also love to be the center of attention. So, for that reason, a great gift you can get them this year for mothers day is a Polaroid instant camera. It’s “a gift that keeps on giving,” so they can take selfies and document memories with the people they love the most.

Polaroid Now+ Album Gift Set — $185.00


Taurus being all about their senses, you can’t go wrong with getting a Taurus mom something comfortable that’s also beautiful. A great gift you can get them for mothers day is a soft, luxurious robe. It’ll be a sweet reminder that she is deserving of indulging in self-care.

Silk Maison Floral Print Lantern Sleeve Belted Silk Robe — $189.00


Because Gemini’s are all about communication and mind games, you’re suggested to get a Gemini mom a puzzle for Mother's Day gift. You know those fancy puzzles with thousands of pieces, that you can frame afterwards, they would really appreciate that because that will keep her mind moving. Geminis working on a puzzle helps them relax and unwind.

Piecework Gemini Mini Puzzle — $20.00


Cancers are known to be the homebodies of the zodiac, so it would be wise to get a Cancer mom something that she can use in her space. You definitely can’t go with an Instant Pot. Cancers love making home cooked meals for their loved ones and instant pots make cooking a lot easier. 

Instant Pot — $70.00


Leos love gift-giving and want to make sure you know how grateful they are for the gifts they receive. So, if you get them something they can use and incorporate in their daily lives for celebrating, they'd be over the moon and back. You can get them  a speaker or shots glasses. Anything that along those lines will make them happy.

Estelle Colored Glass Mixed Stemware Set — $185.00


For this detail-oriented sign, that also enjoys the finer things in life, for mothers day a Virgo mom would really like a bracelet with their children's initials. High quality goes a long way with Virgos. So go with a charm bracelet that’s personalized.

Nameplate Co. 14k Gold Letter Charm Bracelet — $171.00


Since Libras love a solid aesthetic, consider getting your Libra mom a gift that’s somewhat fancy. Something they would really appreciate, is a set of soft, cozy, expensive PJs for mothers day. They really like pajamas that are cute looking and are comfortable like silky.

Cozy Earth Short Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set — $116.00


Scorpio moms love to set the mood—and one of the best ways to do that is with a large fancy candle. Whether she's feeling moody or ready to shift the vibe in her house for any reason, a chic, oversized metal candle adds the perfect accent to any room. So you can’t go wrong with getting a Scorpio mom that for mothers day.

West Elm Oud and Amber Oversized Metal Candle — $110.00


If there’s one thing you should know about the freedom-loving Sagittarius, is that they love being on the go. For that reason, a Sagittarius mom would appreciate a new pair of sunglasses, that will protect her from the sun while she’s on her adventures.

Ray-Ban Highstreet 51mm Round Sunglasses — $151.00


This ambitious sign likes to get. things. done. “We know your Capricorn mom has a to-do list like no other, so get her the latest and greatest home espresso machine, so she always has fuel in her tank. It’s a little pricey but she will use it everyday.

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine — $400.00


Aquarius appreciate self-care moments, so it’d be good to get your Aquarius mom an air diffuser. As an air sign, tapping into this airy energy and absorbing different properties via essential oils, is perfect for them to relax. So think about getting them that for mothers day.

Alo Yoga Aura Diffuser — $98.00


You can’t go wrong with getting your Pisces mom a unique pair of earrings. Try getting them something totally different, like a new designer, something they’ve never had before. Pisces' eyes can understand and appreciate all types of art.

Monica Vinader Siren Bezel Set Aquamarine Earrings — $175.00