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It's not a ship, it's a SCHOLARSHIP

Well well, if it isn't Monday once again. We are in the peak of summer and with that comes SAN DIEGO GIVEAWAYS for our Phoenix Audience. Be sure to listen ALL MORNING for your chance to win and for our national audience, we are adding twists and turns to the games and challenges so there's a lot of fun involved for those who like to play along at home or in the car. Also on the show today, Johnjay and Kyle had weekend plans and were not able to hang out together because of the flood at Johnjay's house, but Easton had one hell of a weekend. Johnjay confronted CODY, the security guard in our lobby and Rich MC'd MISS ARIZONA for the third year in a row! Plus, WE BROUGHT BACK BUTTSLAM from retirement for a special one time apperance, although if you have someone you want to Buttslam.... we could bring it back again (wink wink) 

It's all buns in the sun today on your JJR Summer!