Can Deleting People On Your Social Media Be A Good Thing?


Sometimes cleaning up who you are following on social media can be a good thing at least according to PopSugar!

It's the idea of a social media detox but not to the extreme levels of quitting certain ones all together! It's more like finding a way to surround yourself with positivity, close friends you talk to regularly, following ones that can spark creativity or motivation or a positive influence rather than making you feel bad about yourself, getting jealous or even ones that create drama. 

Make it a place where you are encouraged and motivated for new things and adventures. 

Is this something you would want to try? 

Barber's Jaw-Dropping Mistake Leads To Hysterical Haircut
Barber's Jaw-Dropping Mistake Leads To Hysterical Haircut
Thankfully, this guy has a sense of humor and can laugh with the rest of us about his new look.


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