A Harness For Chickens Actually Exists So Now You Can Take Them On Walks


This is crazy.

Amazon is now selling a chicken harness. Yep, you read that right.... Amazon has a harness that will allow you to take your favorite hen everywhere. You can literally walk your chicken.

How much does it cost? $15!

One customer's review is bascially One customer's review on Delish is all you need to know:

"I have a favorite hen that I can't resist holding because she's so fluffy and sof,t and now I'm able to take her for a walk. It took less than a minute for her to get used to it. Lol ,I let her take the lead while she investigated around my yard. Happy chickens lay happy eggs."

It comes with a free storage bag in case your hen lays an egg as you walk the block.



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