Channing Tatum Helps a Man Propose to His Girlfriend

Channing Tatum recently appeared on a UK radio show and learned of a hopeless man's predicament: Joss wanted to propose to his girlfriend Emily, but he couldn't afford a ring. 

Since Emily was a fan of the Magic Mike star, Joss hoped that getting him involved in the proposal would make up for the lack of jewelry. "I'll be your ring," Tatum offered. He then called Emily on the phone and introduced himself before allowing Joss to take over the call. 

Emily responded to Joss' proposal by giggling and saying yes. "Joss, you're an idiot--but I love you," she declared. "And Channing, it's a shame I'm not marrying you. Joking, Joss!" Tatum laughed, but quickly defended Joss. "I wish I was as smooth as Joss when I proposed to my wife [Jenna Dewan Tatum]," he admitted. 

"You got a good one, Em!" He went on to deliver an impersonation of Joss suavely proposing to his girlfriend.