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Kevin Hart’s Pregnant Wife Is 'Behind Him' Through Alleged Extortion

Sources say that Kevin Hart’s pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, is supporting her husband amid allegations of cheating and an alleged extortion attempt – and “there is absolutely no divorce talk.”

The insider says, “She obviously knows about the cheating allegations. To her, Kevin is a great husband. Eniko is aware that Kevin has been accused of being a ladies’ man. She doesn’t care. He is her husband and he always comes home to her.”

Reports surfaced over the weekend that federal officials are investigating an alleged blackmail attempt that includes a “sexually provocative” video of Hart. 

The source says that despite the comedian's well-known affection for the ladies, he loves his family, and his wife is behind him with the extortion case.The source said, “That kind of thing comes with the territory, and he will do everything to beat it.”

The alleged extortionist reportedly told TMZ that he or she was trying to get money and expose Hart for cheating. The person also claimed to have seen Hart partying in Las Vegas last month, and accused the actor of cheating on Eniko with several women.

Kevin posted an apology video on Instagram, asking his wife and children for forgiveness. The video has been viewed over 3 million times.

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