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Man On Skateboard Lawyers Up After Dr. Phil Hit Him With His Mercedes

Dr. Phil ran into a skateboarder in a crosswalk.

Dr. Phil was driving out of a parking lot near Universal Studios Friday when he impatiently attempted to pass a van. When he went around it, he struck the young man who was riding a skateboard in the crosswalk.

Dr. Phil got out of his Mercedes to check on the guy. Cops say the skateboarder recognized Dr. Phil and told him he was fine, so they shook hands and Phil drove away.

A witness nearby reported the incident, and when cops showed up to check on the skateboarder, he said that he was no longer fine and that his shoulder and leg were hurting.

Police called for an ambulance and paramedics checked him out and advised him to go to the hospital. The young man declined the ambulance ride, and said that he'd get checked out on his own.

Later, the skateboarder was threatening a lawsuit.

Terrence Bembury posted that Dr. Phil "never got out of the car, checked to see if I was injured, didn't even ask for my name."  Police disputed that and said that Bembury told them that he told Dr. Phil he was fine, and only later said he wasn't.

Bembury also says, "Cops told me he needed to stay until cops came."  Police said that's not true, because after the skateboarder said he was fine and there was no damage or injury, Dr. Phil was free to leave. 

Bembury posted a picture of a hospital room and said, "Thanks Dr. Phil ... It felt amazing getting hit by your Mercedes ... Now I'm going on two days of missing work ... Smh.  I meet with my Lawyer Monday."

He said, "This is 100% winnable since Dr. Phil ran a stop sign and was in the wrong lane of traffic."  Cops reviewed surveillance video and say Phil was in the wrong. Now Bembury needs to prove that he was injured and has lost money.

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