The Most Ridiculous Items On Oprah's Favorite Things 2017 List

Oprah has released her annual list of favorite things. This year's edition includes 102 items--and if you want them all, it will cost you roughly $14,000. 

Some of the stuff is pretty standard (books, a TV, etc.), but others are a little ridiculous unless you have an Oprah-sized budget. 

Here are five of the silliest items that made the media mogul's cut:

  1. Four fancy chocolate bars for $50. Are your Hershey bars made with pure olive oil? No? You'll need these, then. 
  2. A $69 chicken pie. Oprah says this pie is "the closest to homemade" she's ever tasted. She could easily make this pie for a sixth of the price, but we'll let that slide.
  3. A $45 "Gratitude" jar. This jar – which includes cards on which you write what you're grateful for – is the fancy, not-free version of giving your loved ones a recycled sauce jar and a stack of Post-It notes. 
  4. A beautiful luxury home for birds you don't own. These very beautiful little bird houses cost between $91 and $201, and will ensure that the local wildlife have a place to come home to after long days of seed eating. 
  5. Five pounds of blueberries. Just a big box of blueberries! Flash frozen! From Maine! Under $50! 

Check out Oprah's full list here!

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