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WATCH: Taylor Swift Shares Behind-The-Scenes Videos For “Delicate”


Taylor Swift has shared an intimate, behind-the-scenes video for the making of her new song “Delicate.” 

The latest installment of her "The Making of a Song" series shows the singer brainstorming lyrics and melodies in the recording studio. 

As expected, fans are freaking out about the moment in the clip when Taylor is tweaking lyrics and it all seems to come together. 

“Taylor’s face when she figured out the bridge for ‘Delicate’ in ‘The Making of a Song’ is amazing,” one fan tweeted on Wednesday. “She had created another INCREDIBLE bridge and SHE KNEW IT.” 

Another Swiftie added, "Taylor finding the perfect lyrics for ‘Delicate’ is too cute!!! So adorable, I wanna hug you!!!”

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