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Donnie Wahlberg Leaves $1,000 Tip At Indianapolis Waffle House

Donnie Wahlberg rewarded servers at an Indianapolis Waffle House with a massive tip this week. 

The Indianapolis Star reports that the Blue Bloods actor visited the establishment on Lynhurst Drive on Saturday night with his son, after watching the Boston Celtics beat the Indiana Pacers. 

According to server Kassandra Rhea, Wahlberg was “very down to earth" and tipped $1,000 after his meal: $600 for her, $200 for the cook and another $200 for another server. 

"When I saw that tip amount, I almost had a heart attack," Rhea admits. "That was a shocker, and it came at the greatest moment ever." 

He also paid for the meals of the family who pointed him out. Rhea plans to put the tip toward her future purchase of a new car and rent. 

Back in July, Wahlberg left a $2,000 tip at a Waffle house in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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