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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Victoria Secret Slammed For Airing Footage Of Model Falling & Crying

Viewers took to Twitter on Tuesday night to slam Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for airing footage of model Ming Xi falling on the runaway and bursting into tears as soon as she walks off stage. 

Given that the event was pre-recorded in Shanghai on November 20 and that Xi already made headlines for her fall, many people felt that the footage should have been edited out. 

"This Victoria's Secret show is messed up for showing Ming Xi fall. Then they show the aftermath of her crying and clumsily getting up. They could have easily edited that out. Shady as all hell," one viewer tweeted. 

Another wrote, "I understand showing the fall to make models seem like real people, but why continue to show the poor girl crying backstage? Not cool Victoria’s Secret or CBS."

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