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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Kevin Hart Blasted On Twitter For 'Tone-Deaf' SNL Monologue

Kevin Hart was blasted on Twitter for his 'sexist' "Saturday Night Live" opening monologue. 

Hart received a huge cheer in his monologue when he said: 'You have to take your hat off when it comes to dealing with kids to the women. Women I give you so much credit. Like, you guys do so much.'

Then came this: 'When it comes to putting structure in the child's life -- when it comes to bathing, feeding, taking the kid to school, from school, you guys do that. 

'You're responsible for that. And you know what, I applaud you for that.

'But the one thing that you're not -- the one thing you're not -- is fun.''You're not. You've never heard a kid say, "I can't wait to get home and play with my Mom." You ain't ever heard that: 'I can't wait for Mommy and Me time" -- that don't exist, don't no kid say that. All of the fun responsibility lies on the shoulder of the father. It does.'

He added... that it also meant men have the 'hardest job' because 'the kid does not know how to shut fun off'. 

He also bet that every dad in the audience has at one point driven home from work, seen his child looking out the window, and 'You see the baby. You see the baby see you see the baby. And you back out that driveway,' he said as he ended the monologue. 

Twitter users were quick to call out the host over his 'tone deaf' monologue about 'traditional gender roles'. 

Several viewers pointed out Hart's recent personal issues, including that he'd cheated on his pregnant wife.

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