Chris Hemsworth Discusses Having Miley Cyrus As Future Sister-In-Law


Chris Hemsworth approves of his younger brother Liam Hemsworth's girlfriend Miley Cyrus. 

"I always just expect her to put on a show, belt a few songs out. But she never does," he joked during a recent radio interview. 

"I'm insisting consistently, 'When is the performance coming?' But no, she's a lot of fun." Chris went on to confirm that Liam and Miley haven't tied the knot yet and that his bro has never asked him for marriage advice. 

"I've asked my mom about marriage and kids and she's said, 'Look, we've been doing it for a long, long time. If there was an answer to it, and a way to do it properly, we'd have it figured out. There would be one book that says here’s how to do it,'" Chris explained. "No, he doesn’t need my advice."

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