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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Hailee Steinfeld Responds To Rumors About Her Dating Niall Horan

Hailee Steinfeld is playing coy about reports that she's dating Niall Horan. 

"I feel so lucky that my fans care enough about me to know what I’m doing every second of every day, but I think that sometimes it’s hard for people, in general, to realize that there are boundaries to a person’s life and personal life," she tells Us Weekly. 

"I am a very private person. I do love that I have the opportunity to share with them what I’m comfortable with and they’re there to listen and support me." 

Rumors that the Steinfeld and Horan were hooking up began after they attended a production of Hamilton in London's West End on January 2. 

Horan attended a birthday party for Steinfeld's older brother Griffin a week later. He also called Steinfeld "the loveliest person on the planet" on Instagram back in December.

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