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Oprah Reveals Her Trick For Cleaning Up Dog Poo & We Are Taking Notes!


Oprah--she's just like us! 

On Thursday, Oprah Winfrey deigned to show the masses how she gets rid of dog-poo stains in a new video for Vanity Fair.

"Nobody wants to clean up your dog's s**t," the renowned dog lover bluntly declares, admitting she always picks up her dogs' poo herself. 

Winfrey goes on to demonstrate her poo-removal tricks with brown gravy standing in for doggie diarrhea: Pour club soda onto the carpet, then "blot and fluff" with a rag before adding a little dish soap and more club soda. 

"It's a club soda fizz cake," Winfrey marvels before shouting in her oh-so-Oprah way, "Staaaain remooooval!"

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