Did Demi Lovato Set A Thirst Trap For Superman Star Henry Cavill?

Fans of Demi Lovato are going nuts online after the singer appeared to set a thirst trap for Henry Cavill on Instagram this week. 

The singer shared a super-sexy photo of herself in white lingerie just minutes after following the Man of Steel stud and liking several of his photos. 

“OMG DEMI KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS DOING I LOVEEE THIS B**CH SO MUCH,” one Lovatic tweeted. Another added, “Honestly, unbelievable and deeply inspirational Insta game.” 

While Cavill didn’t comment or like the risqué shot, he did show love for a photo of Lovato practicing Jiu Jitsu. “This is awesome!” he wrote, “Nice one Miss Lovato!” Cavill has been open about his own practice of Jiu Jitsu in recent interviews.

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