Logan Paul Has Been Told “Horrific Things” After Suicide Forest Video


Logan Paul has opened up about the intense backlash he’s faced since posting his controversial Suicide Forest video. 

"It's been tough, because ironically, I'm being told to commit suicide myself," Paul reveals in a new interview with Good Morning America. 

"Millions of people literally telling me they hate me, to go die in a fire. Like, the most horrible, horrific things." Paul goes on to explain, "I am a good guy who made a bad decision. I will think twice in the future about what I post." 

On New Year’s Eve, the 22-year-old vlogger posted a 15-minute video from Japan’s Aokigahara forest, which included footage of a young man who appeared to have hung himself from a tree.

Watch the video above to see the whole interview!

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