These Legless Jeans Cost $400 & We Are Just As Confused As You Are


To the normal human eye, the latest trendsetting creation from streetwear fashion brand Unravel Project is simply a pair of jeans with the legs cut off. 

But to cutting-edge fashionistas, the brand's latest offering is known as a "denim belt" and will set you back a whopping $405. 

"Designed to appear like it's been sliced from the top of your favorite jeans, this faded blue version has frayed edges and exposed pockets," reads the product's description on Net-a-Porter. "It looks even cooler with a slim leather strap over the top."

Needless to say, Twitter is savaging the trend. "Ever wondered what a broken heart looks like? Here," one Twitter user wrote, while another tweeted sensibly, "Is that not a very short denim skirt?"

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