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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

The Good, the Bad and the Gossip on Johnjay and Rich!


A Drunk Kevin Hart Stole The Show During Post Super Bowl LII Interview

Kevin Hart, your Philadelphia Eagles just won the Super Bowl! Where are you going next? 

Well, he definitely wasn't going onstage at Minneapolis' U.S. Bank Stadium, as the Philadelphia native was caught on camera arguing with a security guard as he tried to join the Eagles' postgame celebration. 

"Yo, is that Kevin Hart trying to get past security and being denied?!" one Eagle-eyed Twitter user wrote alongside video of Hart beefing with the beefy guard. 

Hart later crashed the NFL Network's postgame coverage, where he again embarrassed himself by cursing on live TV.

"Philadelphia's a great city," Hart said, seemingly drunk as he slurred his words. "I hope this is an example of what we can do. We gave a f**k...ooh. I'm out." 

Hart apologized Monday morning in an Instagram video. "To all the kids out there, I just wanna say, 'Don't drink,'" he said. "Me trying to go onstage with the trophy, definitely in the top two stupidest things I've ever done. But who cares?! The Eagles won the Super Bowl."

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