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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Katy Perry "Praises" Frenemy Taylor Swift On American Idol

Katy Perry appeared to throw a fake compliment at frenemy Taylor Swift during Sunday night’s episode of American Idol. 

The awkward moment occurred when a contestant entered the audition room and fellow judge Luke Bryan asked who the hopeful looked up to as an artist. 

“I’m sorry for this, Katy… Taylor Swift,” the contestant admitted. "I love Taylor Swift." Perry responded with a smirk and told the kid, “Oh, you don’t have to be sorry…I love her as a songwriter as well”--implying that she doesn't necessarily like her as a person. 

Later in the episode, Maddie Zahm, who works with children who have disabilities, earned a golden ticket to Hollywood after singing “New Rules” by Dua Lipa. 

She also introduced the judges to her best friend Marcus, who has Down syndrome. Marcus then joined her to perform their favorite song: Perry's hit single “Firework."

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