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Unfortunately, Cameron Diaz Confirms She Has Retired From Acting

Cameron Diaz confirmed her retirement when she joined Selma Blair and Christina Applegate to discuss their 2002 film The Sweetest Thing with Entertainment Weekly. 

When asked if the three have reunited since filming, Blair and Applegate say their children are friends, and Diaz says she wants to see the actresses more often. 

"Maybe I should, you know, I mean, I’m down," Diaz says. "I’m literally doing nothing." 

When Applegate says she also hasn't worked in years and is "semi-retired" due to her duties as a mom, Diaz responds, "That’s so awesome. I’m totally down. I’m semi-retired, too, and I am actually retired, so I would love to see you ladies." 

Diaz last appeared in Annie in 2014. The 45-year-old actress married Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden in January 2015 and has since made very few public appearances. 

Blair claimed earlier this month that Diaz was done making movies, but played it down as a joke when several outlets began reporting on Diaz's retirement.

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