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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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YouTube Star Calls Ariana Grande The "Rudest Celeb" He's Met

YouTube star and CoverGirl spokesperson James Charles has revealed that Ariana Grande is the rudest celebrity he's ever met. 

In a new video, he explains that the two became online pals after he attended her concert and shared footage from it. She responded by following him and sending him a message. But after Charles faced public backlash for joking that he had Ebola, Grande unfollowed him. 

"I message her back and go, 'Hey, did I do something wrong?'" he recalls. "She was like, 'Hey, babe. I just saw a lot of angry tweets from my fans. I would never wanna disappoint them, so I unfollowed.'" 

Charles continues, "I sent back a strong-worded message to her and was like, 'You have 100 million fans. It's really disappointing that you'd stoop to that level of listening to people bullying me just to appease them, but okay.'"

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