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Amy Schumer Feels Bad For Meghan Markle Ahead Of Royal Wedding

Amy Schumer thinks that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming wedding sounds more like a nightmare than a fairytale. 

"This poor girl," she declared in a recent radio interview. "Like, your wedding, everyone says it’s your day. It’s your day. She’s like, no it’s not. She has to meet all these foreign dignitaries she’s never met before, it’s so much pressure... Can you imagine having a worse wedding? That would suck." 

Schumer added, "It’s like, her girls from high school aren’t going to be there. All my friends were high and drunk at my wedding. It’s like a parade, it’s like the Westminster Dog Show. It’s all pomp and circumstance." 

Schumer got married to chef Chris Fischer in February in an intimate surprise ceremony. 

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