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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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David Spade Disses Meghan Markle On Ellen

On Tuesday's episode of Ellen, David Spade mocked Prince Harry for choosing Meghan Markle to be his bride.

"He said he wanted a famous girl from America that knew the crazy life, the paparazzi and the fame and everything. And I go, ‘Ah, you picked Meghan Markle? OK," he quipped. "It’s not exactly Jennifer Lawrence. She’s on Suits, but she’s not even the most famous person on Suits."

When the audience responded with weak laughter, he joked to Ellen, "We can take this out later. I knew it was risky!" He then added, "l'll just say when she goes to The Grove, it's not exactly Beatlemania." 

The 53-year-old comedian elicited bigger laughs from the crowd when he addressed his penchant for dating younger women. 

"Sometimes I date girls that aren’t my exact same age--like, they’re lower a little bit," he conceded. "But mature. Like, they have to have a GED, for sure."

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