Migos' Offset Buys Car For Bystander Who Saved His Life

Offset has thanked the guy who helped save his life after his near-fatal car crash this month by buying him a brand-new car. 

"THANK YOU JAMAR FOR HELPING SAVE MY LIFE," the Migos rapper tweeted Wednesday alongside a pic of him and the Good Samaritan posing in front of a Nissan Altima. 

"GOD IS GOOD." Offset also said in a video shared by TMZ, "He saved my life when I had an accident. He was the only one on the scene that helped me out, helped me walk to get where I had to get to so I bought my boy a car." 

Offset had to be hospitalized after totaling his green Dodge Challenger. 

He later shared pics of his injuries on Instagram, including a shot of him sporting a bloody mouth while wearing a neck brace. 

"This is why I thank God Every day," he captioned the snaps. "I could have been dead from this accident."

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