Mindy Kaling Recalls Her Baby's Reaction To Meeting Oprah


On Monday's episode of Ellen, Mindy Kaling opened up about taking her newborn daughter Katherine to Oprah's house for a screening of A Wrinkle in Time. 

"She'd been really fussy, she'd been fussy the whole way. And I'm like 'Oh my god, am I going to be the person that brings a screaming baby into Oprah's cathedral of beauty and art?'" she recalled. 

"And the minute we went in I was like, 'Katherine, please. Please. You have no idea how high the stakes are right now." 

Kaling continued, "And we walked into the door and her eyes went wide, and she stopped crying like she knew she was in Oprah's house. And then she was just like coyly smiling and being adorable for, like, the next four hours."

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