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McDonald’s Channels Inner "Seinfeld" & Adds Muffin Tops To Menu

Anyone who's watched Seinfeld surely remembers the 1997 episode in which Elaine concocts her "million-dollar idea" to just sell muffin tops, sans the bottoms. 

McDonald's remembers this episode and thinks it's a good idea, too, because they've just announced the addition of muffin toppers to their all-day breakfast menu. 

The New York Daily News reports that other items, like coffee cake and apple pie, will also be added. Spike Feresten, the writer of that famed Seinfeld episode, came up with the idea thanks to a girlfriend who only ate the tops. 

While he has yet to be offered royalties for the idea, he's more interested in what the company plans to do with the unwanted muffin bottoms. 

Because one thing's for sure: You can't just use specially designed pans molded to bake just the tops. You have to cook the whole thing so that, as Elaine says in the episode, the muffin can "break free of the pan" and do "its own thing." 

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