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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Is Post Malone "Cursed" By The World's Most Haunted Object?

Post Malone may have been cursed!

Months before Post's private jet nearly crashed, his Rolls-Royce got totaled and armed crooks targeted him, the rapper was hanging with "Ghost Adventures" star Zak Bagans and something known as the world's most haunted object back in June.

The object is called the dybbuk box. Dybbuk is Yiddish for "malicious spirit" and the box inspired the horror flick, "The Possession."

After downing some beers, Zak says he took off the protective case and for the first time ever, felt compelled to touch it. He says Post was freaked out, so Post grabbed Zak's shoulder to get him out of the room. 

Some say that the shoulder touch could have been enough to trigger a curse.

Zak believes it's absolutely what's behind Post's string of death-defying incidents: the emergency landing, the scary car crash, and the home invasion.

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