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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Lindsay Lohan's Friends Beg Her To Return To U.S. After Bizarre Video

Lindsay Lohan's loved ones are reportedly deeply worried about the one-time Hollywood starlet after she live-streamed a bizarre video that appeared to show her chasing down a refugee family on the streets of Moscow. 

"Her buddies are making a full-court press to get her back with people who will take care of her," sources tell TMZ. 

"They're practically begging her to return to the States...A close friend of Lindsay has strong ties to Cincinnati and wants her there for two reasons: [a] circle of friends who will support her and the fact it's a paparazzi-free zone." 

Lohan wound up getting punched in the face on the live stream after she accused the family of trafficking children. 

Even worse, friends fear she was in Moscow to reunite with her abusive ex-fiancé, Egor Tarabasov.

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