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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Cardi B’s Former Makeup Artist Opens Up About Her Bad Experience

A makeup artist that worked on Cardi B's makeup twice, had bad experiences with the Cardi. In an old video, which is only now going viral the last few days, she recounts her experience with the Cardi.

 In September of 2017, she did Cardi’s makeup for her in Houston for an appearance. She liked the look but had an attitude, which the makeup artist brushed off at the time.

She was booked to do Cardi’s makeup for another appearance in December of 2017 and had to wait an hour because Cardi was on the phone. By the time she was allowed to start working, Cardi was in a bad mood and didn’t acknowledge the hair and makeup girls at all when they walked into the room.

The makeup artist had setting powder on and told Cardi she was waiting for it to set and Cardi started yelling that the sh-t was too white, “B-tch, I’m not dead yet. I’m not Caucasian.”

Cardi kept texting and moving her head and then complaining about the makeup, which the makeup artist says wasn't even half done yet. The makeup artist said she was doing the exact same thing she did the first time.

Cardi told her “get the f—k outta here,” when the girl asked if she wanted her to fix her makeup, was told she wasn't getting paid anything for her time. 

The makeup artist got emotional about it and cries in the video.

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