John Stamos Says His 6-Month-Old Son Is Ruining His Sex Life


During a Thursday appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, new dad John Stamos revealed that he and his wife Caitlyn McHugh already want a second child--but their 6-month-old son Billy is making it difficult for them. 

"We're trying but the kid's like a c-block! Can I say that?" he joked. 

"She calls and says, 'I'm ovulating.' You know, when they're ovulating you've got to get there. We put [Billy] in the kitchen, left the door open, we have a little bassinet in there and we go in, we start trying to get it going fast and... he started screaming, like screeching." 

Stamos continued, "We were so close and then he's got this elephant and he's learned how to press it and the elephant [sings], 'Do your ears hang low?'"

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