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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Kendall Jenner Shreds TMZ For Publishing Details About Private Life

Kendall Jenner called out TMZ after the entertainment outlet published a little too much information about her stalker situation.

 Jenner had another stalker show up at her home this week after he realized she did not have security surrounding the entire perimeter of her property. He reportedly gained access to her front porch after sneaking in through a remote mountain passageway and waited for the supermodel to come out.  

TMZ broke the story, publishing pretty exact details about where Jenner’s house is located and linking to stories about where she was living and where the gaps in her security were.

So Jenner posted an angry tweet at TMZ for detailing her whereabouts.

She wrote, “And how do you guys think these terrifying people know where my house is? Cuz you release not only photos but my location. It is so beyond unsafe. Is this not our one ounce of privacy we can get???”

“I understand what I’ve signed up for but when you release the exact location to where I live THAT is when you’re putting my life in danger. Your home is your safe haven, but for me, cuz of outlets like you, my home is anything BUT. You should be ashamed of yourself.” 

TMZ has not taken the story down, and so far, the outlet had not addressed the supermodel’s complaint.

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