Alex Rodriguez Messes With Fan Who Says He Looks Like J-Lo's BF


Alex Rodriguez took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a video of himself messing with a Jennifer Lopez fan who thought he looked a lot like the singer's boyfriend. 

"That's the guy that J-Lo's dating," she tells him in the clip as she shows him photos of the pair. "You're kidding me," A-Rod replies. "And he looks like me?" 

The woman goes on to show A-Rod a photo of him and J-Lo wearing matching pajamas. "First of all, I’d never wear pajamas that goofy. Never. What a tool," he declares. 

The woman admits it's not a great picture and shows him one of the two dressed up on the red carpet. "Oh, that guy's handsome," A-Rod says. 

The woman then pauses and wonders if the guy she's talking to is the real A-Rod. As she realizes it is, she blurts out, "Holy s**t!" 

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