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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Kendall Jenner Talk About Her "Debilitating" Acne In Lengthy Insta Post

Kendall Jenner was dragged earlier this month when the "raw and personal" reveal she made turned out to be her shilling for Proactiv. But the 23-year-old model took to Instagram on Thursday to discuss her struggle with acne yet again. 

"While there are much bigger problems happening in the world, suffering from acne for me was debilitating," she wrote. 

"It’s something that I’ve dealt with since I was a young teen and has caused me to feel anxious, helpless and insecure. As humans, I don’t think we share our insecurities enough because we live in a time where being 'perfect' is the standard. We curate our life online and pick the pretty moments to post." 

She continued, "I’d like to show a younger generation that not everything is perfect. Being insecure about my acne gave me thick skin but I wouldn’t ever wish that feeling upon anyone. So after trying countless options, I found something that has been helpful in maintaining clear skin for me."

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