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Katy Perry Laughs At Memes Roasting Her Grammys Dress


Katy Perry's puffy pink Grammys gown was the stuff of internet gold Sunday night. Twitter users couldn't help slamming her fashion choice, making memes that compared her dress to pastries, an ice cream cone, and more.

"Katy Perry’s dress reminds me of Hostess Sno Balls cakes. Now I want cake," one Grammys viewer tweeted, while another wrote, "Katy Perry’s dress reminds me of a birthday cake my mom made a long time ago- like the 80s. You know, with it real poofy at the bottom and just a Barbie head sticking out?!!"

Meanwhile, it seems Perry herself was having a good laugh at herself, Instagramming a meme that turned her dress into a paint roller. She captioned the post, "Hi to whoever made this edit."

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