Kanye Hires Kenny G To Serenade Kim Kardashian On V-Day


"G," talk about an over-the-top Valentine's Day gift! On Thursday, Kanye West seemingly hired Kenny G to surprise wife Kim Kardashian by serenading for her in the A-list couple's home.

"NO BIG DEAL KENNY G IN MY LIVING ROOM!!!" Kim tweeted Thursday afternoon along with video of the curly-haired soprano saxophonist playing music amid dozens of red, pink and white roses placed all over the living room floor in individual vases.

Kim's video included a shot of Kanye grinning at what he'd done, while in a second clip, Kenny G performs "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"--and, for those worried how Kenny would get out of the room without knocking over all those roses, there's a clear path for him to make an exit.

No word on how many "G's" 'Ye might have spent on his romantic stunt.

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