Viral ‘WOW’ Dancer Goes VIP With Post Malone & Ends Up In Music Video

Post Malone invited the 40-year-old dancer--who recently went viral for dancing to the rapper’s song “Wow”--to a concert this week.

TMZ reports that Mike Alancourt joined Posty in Phoenix, Arizona, on Sunday to do some background dancing at his concert. The pair also shot dance scenes of Malone and Alancourt that appear in the rapper’s official "Wow" video.

Alancourt appears at the end of the visual, dancing in a backyard, onstage at the concert and in front of a beer pong table while Malone hangs out with friends in the background.

Alancourt’s dance teacher Jen Colvin, who posted the now-viral video of her student, was also flown out on the rapper’s dime for the show.

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