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YouTuber JoJo Siwa Babysits North West In New Video

It pays to have famous parents when it comes to finding the coolest babysitter around. As Us Weekly reports, Kim Kardashian managed to secure the babysitting services of Dance Moms and YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa for 5-year-old daughter North.

Kardashian, Siwa and North all appear in a new video posted by the teenager on Sunday.

In the segment, North shows up at Siwa's house adorably decked out in a rainbow dress, fake purple hair and one of Siwa's signature bows. She and the 15-year-old have a super fun time making glitter slime, playing hide-and-seek and dancing around the house. When it was time to leave, North hugged her babysitter and politely told her, "Thank you very much."

Siwa wrote on Instagram, "Seriously North is SO adorable and awesome."

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