Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tried Quitting "The View" After Barbara Walters Fight

Elisabeth Hasselbeck may have been fired off The View in 2013, but Variety reports that she tried to quit the show in 2006 after a testy on-air exchange with Barbara Walters.

During a discussion about birth control, Hasselbeck--who was pregnant at the time--argued that taking a morning-after pill was "the same thing as birthing a baby and leaving it out in the street."

As Hasselbeck continued to rant, Walters interrupted by saying, "Could you stop now?...We have to learn how to discuss these things in some sort of rational way."

After the show went to a commercial break, a hysterical Hasselbeck yelled "F**k that!" in a corridor behind the stage, telling fellow panelist Joy Behar, "This woman is driving me nuts. I’m not going back. I can’t do the show like this. She just reprimanded me, and she knew exactly what she was doing. Goodbye! I’m off."

A producer managed to get Hasselbeck to change her mind, and she and Walters proceeded to literally kiss and make up on the air.

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