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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Taylor Swift Shares Story Of Adopting Cat In Behind-the-Scenes Video

One of the biggest secrets Taylor Swift reveals in her new "ME!" video is that she's become the proud parent of a third cat, Benjamin Button.

Now she's sharing their "Love Story" in a brand-new, behind-the-scenes clip from the "ME!" shoot. "Hi, honey. You're beautiful," Swift tells the cat when meeting him for the first time on set. Swift's mouth drops a moment later when she asks the cat's handler, "Can I have him?" and the handler responds, "He is available."

She later introduces Benjamin Button to her dad and declares, "I am obsessed with this animal...I've never had a cat love people this much."

Swift's "ME!" collaborate Brendon Urie is equally over the moon about the little furball, telling Swift at one point, "I love that you got him, too. That's the sweetest thing."

He also notes that Swift and Button appear to have the same color eyes and jokes, "I think that might be your child."

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