Burger King Launches #FeelYourWay Promotion With Moody Meals


Burger King is drawing both plaudits and criticism for its latest promotion, #FeelYourWay, which piggybacks on Mental Health Awareness month.

Vox reports that the fast food chain has partnered with Mental Health America for a series of special, limited-edition "meals" that are meant to embody the diverse range of emotions hinted at by the #FeelYourWay hashtag. In fact, the boxes of the meals--including a Blue Meal, a Yaaas Meal, a Pissed Meal, a Salty Meal, and a DGAF Meal--even say "No one is happy all the time."

Unfortunately, these meals are available only through May 31 in five cities: Austin, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City.

The announcement came with an ad promoting a variety of moods, and people mentioning a variety of traumas, ranging from being ghosted to being bulled at school.

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