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Photo Of Alex Rodriguez On Toilet In Apartment Leaked To Social Media

A photograph of retired baseball star Alex Rodriguez on the toilet in his New York apartment has leaked to social media, and the ex-Yankee’s lawyers are planning to go after the parties they believe are responsible, once they figure out who exactly they are.

The toilet photo “was making the rounds via email through Wall Street and media circles” this week, and eventually reached Twitter. A-Rod’s lawyers believe that the photo was taken by someone at a Manhattan hedge fund in the building across the street from Rodriguez’s Park Avenue residence. There are multiple hedge funds in the building in question, including one founded by crown prince of Greece.

Rodriguez was “caught with his pants down on the throne by a photographer who was privy to a clear view.” Websites, including the NY Post have not publish the photo itself for privacy reasons.

Meantime, Rodriguez’s lawyers are “all over this,” in terms of trying to figure out who took and leaked the photo, and whoever was responsible for the photo “will be getting a big lawsuit.”

The photo was taken in the Manhattan apartment Rodriguez shares with fiancee' Jennifer Lopez.

The couple reportedly paid over $15 million for the spot on Park Avenue last year, but Rodriguez and Lopez listed the property in January, for $17.5 million, believing that they need more space for their family. The two each have two children from their previous marriages.

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