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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Ryan Reynolds Writes Fake Amazon Review Of His Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds will do anything to hype his Aviation Gin--including writing a fake Amazon review. "I loved this review of Aviation Gin someone sent me after I wrote it," the 42-year-old actor wrote this past weekend on social media alongside a screengrab of the fake review.

Penned by someone named "Champ Nightengale," the writeup states, “As soon as I tried the Gin I knew right away, it was amazing. It was the smoothest Gin I’d ever tried and went down really easily.”

The reviewer goes on to admit, "I had a lot. When I woke up the next day, I mentioned to my wife Linda was really hard to look out the window at the Seattle skyline. Partly because of the bright sun (I’ve always been sensitive to light) but also because I don’t live in Seattle. I live in Coral Gables, Florida. Also, it’s important to note, until that morning, I’d never met anyone named Linda.”

Meanwhile, Reynolds' real-life mom was among those who caught on the his antics. "Ahhhh...yes," Tammy Reynolds commented. "I thought I heard my son’s voice in that narrative!!”

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